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If you’d like to visit the Black Sea coastline, then Ukraine is probably one of the most advisable travel destinations. You may be surprised to know that area-wise, this is currently the second largest European country; second only to Russia, of which it used to be part of. This is also home to the ill-fated Chernobyl, which currently serves as a mere touristic curiosity. Local attractions in Ukraine mostly hinge on delicious local gastronomy, as well as shopping and purchasing works of art. You should be careful though, since it’s strictly illegal to leave the country with any items with historical importance (including historical paintings you may happen to come across). You should keep in mind that while this country is mostly touristic-friendly, the local police tends to keep a close eye on foreigners, so you should always carry your documents during your excursions here. Ukraine is surrounded by countries including Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Belarus, and of course… Russia. If you’re looking for Ukraine flights, you can find low cost connections from any of these countries to the Ukrainian capital of Kiev.

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