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From bird-watching to horseback riding and cycling, there's much to do in Poland. This country is notorious for its reasonably unspoilt land, so it’s a great place to visit if you're looking to spend some time outdoors and rejoice upon natural delights. Granted, it also offers the same landmarks as other civilized countries: museums, churches, castle ruins and all kind of monuments. The overwhelming majority of Polish citizens are Roman Catholic, so this is also an interesting destination if you like observing how religious holidays are embraced in a culture different than your own. Christmas, Easter and All Saints Day (1st November) are the main religious festivities in Poland. Other meaningful holidays include Constitution day (May 3rd), Independence Day (November 11th) and "Smigus Dyngus", a peculiar pagan tradition that takes place in the Monday following Easter. Countries surrounding Poland include Germany, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. There are train connections to all the neighbouring countries; as far as Poland flights go, there are several low cost airlines operating in this country - with frequent flights available to and from the main European destinations.

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