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Russia is an enjoyable travel destination that offers abundant points of interest for all kinds of visitors. This is where you'll get to see the highest peak in Europe (Mount Elbrus) and it’s also the largest country in the entire world. Climate-wise, Russia is generally a cold country, although if you visit during Summer time you might be surprised to experience various opportunities for balneal recreation. If you find this prospect interesting, then you should visit Southern Russia, but if you want to explore the modern side of this country (which is nothing short of spectacular), then you should spend some time in Central Russia, most notably the capital Moscow. Visiting Russia is not an entirely straightforward process, since you'll likely need to get a visa, which can sometimes be time-consuming and costlier than in surrounding countries. Regardless, there are innumerable Russia flights available to and from most of the big European cities. Neighbouring countries within Europe include Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Finland, Poland, Norway, Ukraine and Estonia.

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