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Are you considering going to Slovakia? If so, then you've probably heard of it strikingly peaceful landscapes, rich historical background and superb options for a relaxing escapade. This small country features a surprisingly vast selection of natural parks, in which you can revel leisurely across immense forests, explore whimsical limestone caves, and engage in winter sports and mountain activities. Slovakia is a dream destination for hiking adepts. The mass of the land is criss-crossed with a vast network of clearly mapped trekking routes, with properly up kept markers throughout. In between these green walking courses, you will find an unbelievable amount of castles of all sizes and preservation states - not too surprising, since this is the country with the most such fortifications per capita. And if you also like mineral water and thermal springs... then you should definitely pack your bathing suit, you will use it often. This is a precious little country that consistently pleases its moderate stream of tourists. Surrounding countries include Austria, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary and Czech Republic. Direct, inexpensive Slovakia flights are available to many European hubs, and if you're flying in from abroad it will probably be a good idea making such connection.

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