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Despite being a relatively small country, the Czech Republic (or Czechia) is a place of rich and diverse cultural heritage, as well as the rumoured birthplace of the true bohemians (a term that was coined in the Czech region of Bohemia, referring to its inhabitants). There are several interesting customs and events in this country, both religious and pagan. Notable examples include Easter, Christmas and the Feast of St. Nicholas (Santa Claus), early in December. Additionally, you may want to witness the “Witch Burning” traditions in the last day of April, or the “Last Ringing”, a week-long celebration around the same time, wherein students dress up in strange costumes and provoke all kinds of fun mischief through the main streets. The main Czech Republic airports are located in the capital Prague and Brno; from there, you can book flights to the major European cities such as London, Moscow, Barcelona and Lisbon. Bordering countries include Slovakia (which was previously merged with Czechia as Czechoslovakia), Germany (to the NW), Austria (N) and Poland (S).

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