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Hungary: the land of thermal baths, bird-watching and intricate caves. If you're looking to travel off the beaten path in Europe, this is a very recommendable destination. Hungary is home to the self-professed people who "dance with tears in their eyes"; meaning they strive to remain optimistic even when faced with bad luck. Cultural highlights in Hungary include ancient castles and other displays of baroque architecture, museum villages, pristine lakes and water resorts, mysterious and gigantic caves. Natural landscapes in this region have a uniqueness most visitors find refreshing. As far as modern attractions go, there's a rather lively night scene available in Budapest, a favoured travel destination of party people from all over the world. Even though Hungary is not one of the most well-known countries in Europe, its central location actually makes it a privileged starting point for anyone looking to explore the heart of the old continent. After booking Hungary flights and landing here, it will be simple enough travelling to one of the neighbouring countries by land (such as Austria, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Ukraine, and Slovakia), or getting a plane to most of the EU countries.

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