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Are you looking for a reasonably inexpensive country, where you can see gorgeous natural scenes, explore vast cultural landmarks and mingle at virgin rural locations? Then Romania may be one of your best choices. This country is notable for its mix of modernized urban areas and traditional villages that make you feel as though you've suddenly travelled to the past century. Romania is the land of delicious wine, impressive medieval fortresses, and intricately painted monasteries. It features the Carpathian Mountains, which are a wonderful place to get away from your fast paced lifestyle and spend some time with your thoughts. If you're a fan of the book Dracula, then you should visit the region of Transylvania, in which you'll find plenty of awe-inspiring castles that will make you feel as though the lord of vampires could be lurking about. No matter from where in the world you're visiting, finding low cost Romania flights is remarkably simple. This country has an impressive network of transport companies operating across all transportation types. Surrounding countries include Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova, Ukraine and Serbia.

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