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Moldova is an elusive country in far Europe that some mistake for Moldavia (a nearby region of Romania), but its uniqueness does stand quite apparent to the inquisitive eye. A remarkably low cost destination, which is suitable for taking long walks through the quaint urban centres, as well as enjoying some of the finest and least known wines available in Europe. Asides from the exquisite wines, the most attractive aspect of Moldavia is probably the local cuisine, which often pleases even the most demanding gastronomes. Since it’s a small and unknown country with moderate touristic affluence, in Moldavia you will get outstanding value from your money, especially compared to what would be possible in the larger European touristic centres. Surrounding countries include Romania and Ukraine, which completely surround Moldova by land. If you're wondering how to get there, Moldova flights do exist, but are costly and limited to the nearby countries. It's often a better idea to travel by fly in to one of these bigger airports nearby, and then travelling by train (a reasonably short distance) to Moldova.

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