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Once a part of Yugoslavia, Serbia is currently an independent and friendly country nestled in the Balkans. The birthplace of renowned inventor Nikola Tesla, Serbia remains a whimsical and ever-changing country that openly embraces tourists all around the year. There's a bit of bureaucracy involved in travelling to Serbia, but the local hospitality more than makes up for the trouble of getting the appropriate permissions. Local attractions in Serbia include ski (it features some of the best resorts in Europe), spa, and assorted mountain resorts. If you enjoy music festivals and nightlife, you will find a diverse offering - including the EXIT festival (in July), one of the largest music festivals in Europe. If you're a fan of beer, then you need to head out to Belgrade in August for the world-famous local Beer Fest. There are land routes passing through Serbia connecting Central Europe to the Near East, which is a plus in case you want to stick to the ground. From the capital Belgrade there are Serbia flights to all the European capitals. Neighbouring countries include Macedonia, Romania, Montenegro, Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary, as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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