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While visiting Slovenia, you cannot help but feel amazed with how such a small country offers such a vast diversity of scenes and activities. While visiting here, you'll get a chance to enter the Julian Alps mountain range, as well as explore meandering hills, extensive valleys, plentiful rivers, and even some interesting beaches facing the Adriatic Sea. Things to do in Slovenia include playing Golf, relaxing in spa resorts, hiking, skiing, and exploring caves (there are over 8 thousand available). The local cuisine is mostly appreciated by visitors, although it's usually heavy and not vegetarian-friendly. Regardless, there's a notable influx of visitors from nearby countries who frequently hop in for a taste of Slovenian gastronomy. Slovenia borders countries such as Austria, Italy, Croatia and Hungary - which are also places worth visiting (you can move quickly by land to any of these nations, since Slovenia is a geographically tiny country). If you take Slovenia flights you will land at the Ljubljana airport, where you will find low cost outbound connections to a few European cities, especially within South Eastern Europe.

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