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Italy: the boot-shaped beautiful country. The land of pasta and pizza, high fashion and sports cars. A great place for travellers who wish to know the cradle of the Western culture; a most enjoyable destination, for anyone who appreciates roaming about coastlines and taking a swim in pristine lakes up on high grounds: while here, you should make a point of visiting the Alps and Apennines, for some of the most intense communing with nature you have ever imagined possible. With its rich historical background, Italy has a vast offering of monuments, museums and ancient ruins of the Roman Empire. The locals are quite affable, even though they do have a passionate temper: Italians are known to sway easily from love to hate. If you stay on their good side, though… you may just end your journey singing praises about the wonderful Mediterranean people. Visiting this country is a fairly straightforward process; if you're visiting from a country that's part of the Schengen Agreement or EU, you can book your Italy flights without further worrying. Italy borders France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia, so you can easily travel by train or car from these countries.

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