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Lithuania is a small but charming country, nestled in the middle ground between the western and eastern civilizations. It's mostly comprised of lowlands, with extensive fertile plains interspersed with moderate hills and small lakes; the climate is moderate, the inhabitants are pleasant to visitors and local folklore is much cherished even today. If you're looking to hear traditional tales and singing, and seeing people with colourful ethnographic clothing, you will find that and much more during your time in Lithuania. As a matter of fact, folklore and nature are arguably the main points of interest in this country. The best time to visit is during the hot seasons; there are lively summer festivals, impressive natural parks and great spots available for inexpensive rural tourism. After booking your Lithuania flights you will most likely land in the capital Vilnus. While visiting, you may want to rent a car so you can explore the beautiful landscapes freely, or hop into one of the surrounding countries: Latvia on the North, Belarus (East), Russia (W) and Poland (SW).

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