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Once a crucial passage point in the commercial routes between the Vikings and the Greeks; Latvia is nowadays a whimsical little country offering a commendable alternative to the major touristic routes. Home to Europe’s widest waterfall (Kuldiga, located in the town of Kurzeme), it also features an extensive unspoilt coastline, and abundant virgin forests encompassing half of the national territory. When visiting this country, you will find various things to do depending on the season of the year. Through the hot seasons, you can try kayaking, visiting museums and enjoying music festivals. During the cold seasons winter sports are a common practice, and there's a notable International Ice Sculpture Festival taking place each February in the city of Jelgava. If you enjoy trekking and camping, you will find abundant scenic routes whose beauty can be appreciated all around the year. Latvia faces the Baltic sea to the West, and bordered by Estonia (to the North), Belarus (SE), Lithuania (S), and Russia (E). You can book international Latvia flights to and from the major European cities, directly to Riga International Airport.

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