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A notoriously poor and oppressed country next to Russia, Belarus is nonetheless a possible travel destination in Europe, which may appeal particularly to roamers who are interested in studying socio-political repression first hand. A repeated offender of international human rights, this is a country where political, journalistic and even religious freedom is not something the locals are familiar with. You should not visit Belarus if you’re looking for the conventional touristic attractions such as sight-seeing, traditional cuisine and shopping, since there are quite limited options in terms of leisurely travelling. This country is remarkably plain (both literally and geographically), and if you can rent a car it’s probably the best option for moving around and get to know the local scenes. Belarus is surrounded by Latvia, Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine and Russia. There are several carriers offering Belarus flights, but unless you book your travel some months in advance you may find the prices can be on the expensive side. Since the area of this country is small, travelling by land to bigger airports in surrounding countries is often a good option for anyone looking to reduce expenses.

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