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Despite being a small land-locked country, The Republic of Macedonia does not fail to attract increasing numbers of tourists each year. This can be explained by its ease of access and exotic European flair, as well as its vast offering in terms of lakes, rivers, mountains, historical sites and picturesque villages... all of which convey a unique sense of serenity that could only be offered by such an elusive and little-known country. While visiting the Republic of Macedonia, sometimes you cannot help but feel that you've travelled back in time, to a period when life was quieter and less complicated. People in this region aren't entirely free of quarrels (especially since there are so many different ethnics), but their life rhythms are clearly more relaxed than one is accustomed to in the big urban centres. This is a great place to visit if you need a break from metropolitan chaos. Surrounding countries include Kosovo, Serbia, Albania, Greece and Bulgaria, but you won't have trouble finding direct Republic of Macedonia flights available. Remember though: there's a region in the nearby Greece that's known simply as Macedonia, which you should not confuse with this autonomous republic.

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