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Even though it’s by no means one of Europe’s most affluent countries, Albania does have its charms… which can be experienced at relatively low cost. Its lovely coastlines are remarkable for the crystal clarity of the water; its mountains are notorious for the panoramic view points, and many of its cities features abundant historic ruins as well as several preserved castles. There is plenty of offers in terms of night life recreation, and many ways you can have fun while visiting here. Albania is a great travel destination if you’re looking forward to mingle with the local crowds. The Albanese locals are quite cordial and friendly to visitors, and they thoroughly enjoy taking long walks and sharing stories about local traditions and customs. Also, since nearly half of the population in this country is comprised of emigrants, Albania isn’t the kind of place where travelers draw much unwanted attention. Albania is surrounded by 4 countries: Kosovo, Montenegro, Greece and the Republic of Macedonia. If you choose flying in, you can get some low cost Albania flights available from carriers such as German wings and Belle Air.

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