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Are you the kind of traveller whose taste leans towards visiting countries of utmost historical significance in the arts, philosophy and politics? Then your existence will never be quite complete until you spend some time in Greece, which incidentally is one of the favoured touristic destinations in the entire world. Millions of tourists book Greece flights each year, drawn to the country's cultural heritage, as well as its awe-inspiring natural scenes. From sunny beaches and peaceful islets, across towering mountain ranges and archaeological remnants of the ancient Greek civilization; including a diverse mix of modern nightlife and Mediterranean lifestyle. If you get a chance to leisurely drive along the beautiful Greek coastline as well as its astounding high grounds, you will surely find yourself thinking “this is what life is all about”. There is much to see and do throughout Greece all around the year, even though it's a remarkably enjoyable place during the Spring and Summer time. You can move around easily by plane, train or car, and visit neighbouring countries to the North, such as Albania, Bulgaria, Turkey and the Republic of Macedonia.

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