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Once a pleasurable and widely appreciated touristic destination, Montenegro was neglected during the past two decades as consequence of the nearby civil war in what used to be Yugoslavia. Fortunately, those conflicts are now in the past, and Montenegro is once again starting to shine as a privileged destination facing the Adriatic Sea. It’s not an inexpensive touristic destination, but there are certainly some worthwhile points of interest, here. When visiting Montenegro, you should make a point of visiting attractions such as the impressively vertical mount Ostrog cliff, which is crowned by a huge monastery. If you want to explore the local coastline and night life, you should visit Budva. To observe the best examples of local architecture, visit the capital Podgorica. Montenegro is surrounded by countries such as Serbia, Kosovo, Albania, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. You can find Montenegro flights available from several of the main European hubs, but upon arriving you will surely note the absence of a bus service to the city. Your only real option will be getting a taxi; in this case, make no mistake: exploiting tourists is a common pastime here, but so is haggling, which you ought to use to your advantage.

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