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If you’re looking to travel off the beaten touristic path and you want a chance to explore a country that recently surfaced from intense socio-political conflicts, Bosnia and Herzegovina might be what you’re looking for. Although it’s by no means the most inhospitable European country, there are many good reasons why you should stay on your toes while visiting here; in particular, you should avoid desolate looking areas since there are dangerous remnants of the war in such places, such as land mines. From a geographical standpoint, this country is mostly comprised of high mountain areas, with a modest entry into the Adriatic Coastline to the south. Given the elevated location, Bosnia and Herzegovina features harsh winters and very brief, albeit scorching summers. It’s certainly not a typical travel destination in Europe, but there are nonetheless some local attractions which mostly revolve around water and winter sports. Neighbouring countries include Montenegro, Serbia and Croatia. There are regular Bosnia and Herzegovina flights available to and from the surrounding countries. Watch out for forbiddingly expensive taxi rides from Sarajevo airport to the actual city centre; it’s often advisable to look for the nearest tram terminus instead.

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