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If you'd like to travel to somewhere exotic but can't decide whether you want to see a Western or Eastern country, Turkey may provide you with a "best of both worlds" kind of deal. Within this unique cultural cross-road, you will find all kinds of attractions: from roman ruins to Islamic monuments; from freezing mountain-tops to extensive green plains and dream beaches. Turkey gets a lot of tourists with all kinds of budgets, and provides diverse options regardless of it. You can simply go hiking through the inspiring Turkish landscapes, or you can choose more expensive activities such as cruising around the coastline, in luxurious boats. The only thing you'll find it hard to do in Turkey is feeling bored; more than likely you will find it hard deciding which attractions you'd like to explore, from all the available diversity. Neighbouring countries to Turkey in Europe are Bulgaria and Greece. The biggest Turkish airport is located in Istanbul, which is a hub to most International Turkey flights. Visiting this country is simple enough, although in some cases you may be required a visa depending on your citizenship.

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