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From a geographic standpoint, one of the distinctive features of Norway is the intricate fjords - deep sea inlets among towering cliffs. Together with Sweden, Norway is a huge peninsula in Northern Europe; the climate there is rather chilly, even though not as much as you might imagine from the country's latitude. If you're looking to enjoy winter sports, you will find snow in the Norwegian mountains well into May. During the cold season the night time clearly exceeds daylight, but often the sky is lit with the astounding Aurora Borealis. Near the coastline, spring time tends to be rather impressive; as the snow melts from the higher grounds several waterfalls are formed all across the land. During summer time, you will be most impressed with the enjoyable nights when it never quite gets dark, and there's an extended twilight lasting for as much as 8 hours. When looking for Norway flights, your probable destinations will either be the main airport in Oslo, or the no-frills aerial hub in Sandefjord. From either airport you will find plenty of flights to the major European destinations, as well the neighbouring countries (Sweden, Finland and Russia).

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