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Referring to Finland as the land of a thousand lakes is a gross understatement, since there are nearly 190,000 lakes comprising 10% of the area. Finland is also known as the home of Santa Claus (which according to legend is located in the Korvatunturi mountain), around whom a massive touristic industry has blossomed. Finland is a great place to visit if you enjoy swimming, fishing and saunas (available nearly around every corner). If you visit during Summer solstice, you will be able to experience a Midnight Sun (a period where it never quite gets dark); during winter time (which is rather dark and cold), you can witness the remarkable Northern Lights, a remarkably colourful natural phenomenon also known as Aurora Borealis. Nested between Russia (to the East), Sweden (W) and Norway (N), Finland is one of the most modern welfare states in the world, with brilliant urban planning and civilized cities that do not oppress the country's vast natural landscapes. The main airport is located near Helsinki (Helsinki-Vantaa Airport), where you will find flights to most countries in Europe. If you're looking for low cost Finland flights, you should consider the Finnish Ryanair hub, in Tampere.

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