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Cyprus: a blissful island of sharp contrasts. One of the largest islands in the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus was proclaimed an independent Republic in 1960. However, and to this day, the south-western half of the island is backed up by the Greek government, whereas the north-eastern half is overseen by the Turkish people. From a touristic standpoint, this cultural division does not bring much tension or too many implications… except for the fact that you should be aware and respectful of the underlying culture in either part of the island. Asides from that, Cyprus is a notably safe and sunny island. Cyprus is a great place to visit if you enjoy drinking fine wine and tasting unique Mediterranean dishes. There’s also much going on in terms of arts and crafts, and you’ll find plenty of intricate and unique hand-made trinkets at the local markets. Since Cyprus is not fully recognized as a republic, rules for entry in this island can be a little confusing (but manageable), unless you’re travelling in from Greece or Turkey.

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