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Switzerland: the birthplace of gourmet cheese, extraordinary chocolate, precise watches and the versatile Swiss Army knives. From a cultural standpoint, it's interesting how the Swiss people reflect the surrounding countries, down to the official language. You'll find there is no local dialect, here; depending on the section of this country you visit, locals will speak German, French or Italian. One of the most satisfying and memorable experiences available while visiting Switzerland is trekking across the Alps and communing with nature. If you prefer staying close to civilization, you will likely have fun shopping for souvenirs as well as luxury goods. Exploring cities such as Geneva and Basel will also prove delightful, especially if you're interested in artistic and cultural events. Bordering nations include Austria, France, Italy, Liechtenstein and Germany. There are Switzerland flights available to these countries, but usually it's less expensive (and actually faster) just taking a train. If you're travelling from far away you will have no problem flying into Switzerland, although in some cases you'll need a visa to be allowed passage.

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