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Locally known as the land of Fatima (religion), Fado (music) and Football (soccer), Portugal is the westernmost country in Europe, comprising the Iberia peninsula together with Spain. Not only is Portugal a great place for budget vacations, but it offers unrivalled diversity in terms of landscapes: from rocky mountains on the North end, to lush vegetation in the centre, desert-like landscapes and pristine beaches towards the south. When visiting Portugal, you'll get a chance to taste fine examples of local cuisine - such as traditional salt cod dishes, grilled chicken and suckling pig roast, just to name a few. Things to do while visiting include playing Golf (some of the best European courses are located here), basking in the sun (especially in the southern region, Algarve), and enjoying the diverse landscape that showcases the different European terrain types, condensed in a single country. Portugal flights generally land in the capital Lisbon or the second largest city, Oporto. From either airport, you will find plentiful aerial transportation (low cost or otherwise) to most of the typical European and International destinations. Flights to some airports in neighbouring Spain may also be options for travel to or from Portugal.

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