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Spain is located in the western most portion of Europe: along with Portugal, it comprises the Iberian Peninsula. Notable for its relaxed ways of life and enthusiastic population, Spain is a commendable destination for anyone who enjoys eating, going out at night and enjoying local folklore. In your time visiting this country you'll get a chance to see rather unique traditions, such as the festival in Pamplona where the locals run away from rampaging bulls. A reasonably large country, Spain offers an interesting mix of touristic activities asides from its world famous beaches; there are several historic cities (such as Seville and Granada) with unique displays of Islamic architecture; places with exotic vegetation (such as Tenerife); a wide range of festivals and activities, ranging from wine tasting to cultural exhibitions, from the colourful Carnival to "La Tomatina": a city wide tomato fight that’s organized every year in Buñol. Visiting Spain is usually uncomplicated - especially if you're coming in from other EU countries - and once you're in you can freely travel to surrounding countries such as Portugal and France. Spain flights are plentiful; from the main Spanish airports such as Madrid, Malaga and Barcelona (just to name a few) you can fly to anywhere in the world.

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