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The Netherlands (also known as Holland), are known worldwide as a kingdom of tolerance and open-mindedness. Even though it's immediately (in)famous for its legal brothels, coffee shops and decriminalization of cannabis... there is actually so much more to see and do while visiting this modern and friendly country. For example, if you enjoy architecture then you will love Amsterdam, with its picturesque canals and impressive museums and historical buildings. If you are looking to enjoy the local nightlife, you may want to try Groningen. If you appreciate the fine arts, Rotterdam is probably the best choice for you. Further away from the big cities, you should visit the awe-inspiring natural parks (such as Efteling and Hoge Veluwe), gigantic flower fields (such as in Keukenhof), and of course... you will also get plenty of opportunities to see the famous windmills traditionally associated with Holland. It's simple enough finding Netherlands flights from any of the major European cities, and you can also travel by land from the surrounding countries: Germany (to the East) and Belgium (South).

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