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Belgium: a favoured destination for travellers who are interested in shopping and nightlife. As one of the major European capitals, Brussels is a major reference for anyone looking to experience the finest cultural events in the old country. With its vast offering comprising everything from avant-garde Opera to old-fashioned pubs, you are unlikely to ever feel bored while visiting this small but enticing country. The biggest airport in Belgium is located close to the capital Brussels, in the neighbouring town of Zaventern to be exact - from where you'll find plentiful transportation to the capital. There's another big airport approximately 50 miles away, called the Brussels South Charleroi Airport. Both airports offer regular budget flights to the surrounding countries. As one of the three countries in the Benelux community (together with Netherlands and Luxembourg), Belgium is a privileged gateway to all of Western Europe. After you book your favoured Belgium flights, you can easily hop to one of the bigger neighbouring countries (such as France and Germany), or you can find inexpensive transportation to most European countries.

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