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Luxembourg: a prime European beacon of advanced technology, high finance and prolific steel manufacture. A country that’s notoriously small in size… but strikingly large in beauty and affluence. If you've never been to this country, you will be astounded with its urban planning and economy. This is known to be the safest country in the world, and that is clearly apparent once you visit. When exploring this jewel of a nation, you will be enchanted with its vast city walls interspersed with fortified towers, making for a rather unique cityscape. Most visitors are usually happy getting to know its urban charms, but Luxembourg does offer some rather picturesque plains and gentle uplands with peaceful valleys in between. This is a landlocked country, meaning there's no coastline or sea nearby. Regardless, Luxembourg sits in a privileged location in the heart of Europe, surrounded by Germany, France and Belgium. Most Luxembourg flights land just outside the city of Luxembourg, which offers flights to most European cities you could hope for.

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