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Even though it’s located in North Africa, Tunisia is a country that is intimately tied to Europe, mostly due being relatively close to it. Tunisia faces the Mediterranean Sea, which means you will find some amazing beaches and much pleasant weather – although you should keep in mind the top balneal spots aren’t always the better known. Tunisia is a popular touristic destination, which can be a plus if you’re concerned about your safety while visiting exotic countries. Thing to do in Tunisia (asides from basking in the sun and bathing in the warm, blue seas) include exploring diverse archeological and historical sites; taking a tour through the desert riding on camels or even better - taking a gorgeous antique train line that was specifically restored for this purpose; there is also a vast offering in terms of local cuisine, complete with many exotic local dishes. Tunisia is relatively close to European countries such as Italy and the island of Malta; it features land borders with African countries such as Libya and Algeria. When looking for Tunisia flights, it’s often more economical to book low cost flights from Italy or Malta, especially if you’re coming in from Europe.

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