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Morocco: the nation of coastline and desert. An exotic but inexpensive travel destination: with vibrant and colourful local markets, intricate mosques, historical medinas, and genuinely maze-like streets. An inspirational and vibrant place to visit, where you will surely be fascinated with the relaxed lifestyle and the peculiar but friendly locals who are often offended when customers express no interest in bartering. While visiting Morocco, you should get to know Casablanca, Ouarzazate and Fez for a glimpse into the country's history; if you want to see the modern Morocco, try checking Meknes, Marrakech and Tangier. If you're looking for peace and quiet, Tetouan is probably the best choice, since there are great beaches and it’s located next to the Rif mountain range. Morocco faces the Mediterranean Sea to the North, just across from the Spain, forming the Strait of Gibraltar. As such, visiting from Gibraltar is actually a short ferry boat ride towards Tangier; if you're planning to get low cost Morocco flights, you will find them available in certain European cities: such as Lisbon, Oporto (in Portugal), Brussels and Madrid.

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