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Regardless of its small size, the island of Malta is a thoroughly enjoyable travel destination, especially for travellers who enjoy taking long walks and exploring natural delights. A somewhat conservative and reserved nation with a strong Roman Catholic tradition, Malta is a great place to spend quality vacations basking in the sun, at relatively low cost. Things to do in this Mediterranean jewel include water sports, beach activities and sight-seeing. This is also a great place to learn diving, since there are several spots with superb underwater visibility, including underwater caves and rocky reefs. Diving in Malta is inexpensive compared to other countries, since there are many places where you can dive directly from the shore. As a country, Malta is actually comprised of two other islands asides from the homonymous Malta: Gozo and Comino, which together with several smaller inhabited islands comprise an archipelago. This group of islands is located south bound from the Italian island of Sicily. You will find Malta flights available to and from the major European cities, including various low cost flights provided by Ryanair.

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