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Even though Kosovo is not fully recognized as an independent country by all of the world's nations, in practical terms it's indeed an independent government with its own set of rules. Kosovo became autonomous from the Serbian government in 2008, and a good deal of socio-political tension remains. While visiting this area, you should be wary of this situation, as to avoid unnecessary conflicts. There's no need to be overly concerned about your safety though, since locals are actually very friendly to outside visitors (especially those coming from the USA and Western Europe). While spending time in Kosovo, you may want to observe how the international community (especially the UN) still intervenes in this region. As far as conventional tourism goes, there are interesting mountains and ruins throughout the land, and innumerable coffee shops featuring nice views and great beverages. Asides from Serbia (of which Kosovo used to be part of), surrounding countries include Albania, Montenegro and Macedonia. There are some Kosovo flights available from the Airport of Pristina to the top European capitals, especially during the summer.

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