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Ireland is an island of sharp political conflicts, which is a shame; after all… the land itself would make a good poster for the term "idyllic scenes", courtesy of its lush vegetation and extensive navigable rivers. Thankfully, the locals are generally nice to international visitors, which makes this a much agreeable travel destination. Things to do in Ireland include playing and watching sports (anything from golf to horse racing, hurling, soccer, rugby and sailing). You will also get a chance to experience the flavours typical to the local cuisine - unless you're a vegetarian, since most of the traditional Irish dishes revolve around abundant portions of meat, especially lamb and pork. As you may know, Southern Ireland is part of the UK, while the northern counties have declared independence as the Republic of Ireland. Regardless, a Common Travel Area has been established, meaning that you won’t have much trouble flying in from the UK. Visitors from several countries won’t be required a visa… although you should check with the Irish Department of Internal Affairs, while planning your visit.

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