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If you think there's not much to do in Iceland beyond winter sports and being cold, you're in for a surprise. For one… because the climate in this country is actually surprisingly mild (especially considering its latitude); and two, because there are countless geothermal hotspots throughout the land, that never fail to delight visitors. Iceland is a place of contrasts; despite being mostly plain, the landscapes in this region are eerily beautiful. The sun barely sets during summer time, and barely shines during the winter. Glaciers and volcanoes intersperse each other and the lively urban action of the capital (Reykjavik) neatly compliments the pristine and quiet scenes available through the interior, including some of the most impressive natural parks known to man. After getting your chosen Iceland flights, you will likely land near the capital. This island is not part of the EU, so hopping in from/to other European countries could mean going through a bit of customs controls. It is however, a member of the Schengen agreement, so visiting other countries that signed this agreement will be facilitated.

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