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Egypt: the land of pyramids, mummies, temples and a rather unique heritage, which draws the attention of millions of tourists each year. Comprised of extensive deserts, vast urban regions, and crossed by the impressive Nile River, whose vast valleys are luxurious and fertile, Egypt is one of the most popular exotic destinations worldwide. There is much to see and do in this country, asides from the obvious visiting of ancient pyramidal temples. In fact, if you are only familiar with sites such as the Abu Simbel temples, the Valley of the Kings of the Giza Pyramids, you will be surprised with the vast offering in terms of modern attractions: from the wide range of cafes, restaurants and shops to the abundant recreational clubs, including a lively night scene. Once you start exploring this country you will realize there are many interesting activities that aren't usually featured in the national postcards. From a geographic standpoint, Egypt is surrounded by Israel, the Gaza Strip, Sudan, Jordan and Libya. Since this is a common touristic destination, Egypt flights are plentiful; you may need a visa to enter the country, but it's usually simple getting one.

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