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Denmark: the historical hub of the Vikings, the modern birthplace of Lego toys; one of the most ecological minded countries in the world, and a most recommendable place to visit if you're planning to get to know the Scandinavian region. The Danish people are known to be very hospitable and modest, although they’re also extremely patriotic and passionate about their country. In short, it’s an extremely civilized country that will impress even the most cosmopolitan visitors. Touristic highlights in this country include the world famous Legoland: the world capital of Lego building blocks. There are also beautiful bright spots with unique natural landscapes, such as Grenen and the Lake District. If you’re a fan of historic landmarks, you may want to visit Mon, known for its Viking burial grounds and enormous white chalk cliffs. Denmark is a Peninsula to the North of Germany, surrounded with a few islands (most notably Zealand and Funen). There are two major airports - in Copenhagen and Biilund, from which you can book low cost flights not only to most European capitals, but also to several provincial airports in the region.

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