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Kazan is one of the more well-known places in Russia. This is because there is a city full of culture. In fact, the city calls itself the ‘third’ capital of Russia. Kazan airport is not the only airport servicing the area. Flights to Ulyanovsk can also be obtained in order to get to Kazan. One thing that you should note is that Kazan airport is not very close to the city of Kazan itself. In fact, travel by a taxi will take roughly an hour and a half and 1000 rupees, which fortunately enough is only £20. While in Kazan, make sure you visit the Kazan Kremlin, which is a stunning building that will cost you less than 40p to explore by yourself or £6 to get a guided tour. On the other hand, Bauman Street is the street to visit if you are a tourist. Here, you will find all sorts of boutiques, shops, cafes and bars.

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Fly from London Luton (LTN) to Kazan (KZN) with Vueling Airlines (www.vueling.com)

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Kazan airport code: KZN
Alternative airport names: Kazan International Airport
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