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Cheapo Fabulous: The Rich Flying Rags

Published November 28, 2013

Flying budget class is not just the preference of the penny pinching working classes. You may be surprised to learn just who from the upper echelons of society have chosen to cut costs and fly frugal. Some people just value money more than others and the celebrities spotted flying budget here are clear evidence of the common sense of paying less for flights.

Why Waste Money Just to Sit Down for a Short While?

Most budget flights are less than a few hours long so no need to pay hotel money for short trips. After learning about some of the rich and famous that are opting for budget flights, you may change your opinion about who travels low cost and why.

Easyjet William and Kate lookalikes

After the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge flew low cost in 2012, Easyjet had fun with a lookalike competition in London.

Even the English Royals are at it!

Yes, believe it or not, but even the well-loved William and Kate (Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) have been seen flying to Manchester from a week-long skiing holiday in the French Alps, on an Easyjet flight back in 2012. The appreciation of budget travel must be in the Middleton family blood as Kate’s sister, Pippa Middleton and boyfriend Nico Jackson, were seen at the check-in desk of FlyBe at Inverness airport.

Spanish Royalty and Famous Detective Spotted Flying Coach

Queen Sofia of Spain recently travelled to London for as little as £13 aboard a Ryanair flight, proving that budget travel is not just for the broke but also for those who truly feel that there is more one can do with hundreds or even thousands of pounds than to waste it on expensive air travel. Another surprise was Sherlock Holmes star Jude Law who also flew with Ryanair from Stansted with his children on an Easter break, which goes to show that low cost travel is elementary dear Watson.

Pimp my Ride, Not my Plane

Hip Hop DJ and “Pimp My Ride” presenter Tim Westwood was recently spotted aboard an Easyjet flight from Malia to London. Whether or not Tim Westwood’s sacking from Radio 1 has caused the rap DJ sensation to reconsider his budget or not, travelling coach has never been so hip. But just in case you think being broke has anything to do with flying by budget airlines, Liverpool player, Luis Suarez, has also been known to fly Easyjet. So, flying by low cost airlines could see you meeting any number of stars.

If the rich can….

If the rich and famous can appreciate the benefits and cost savings associated with low cost air travel don’t you think it’s high time to avail yourself of the massive discounts offered by budget airlines? Whether it’s Easyjet, Ryanair, Flybe, German Wings or any of the top low cost airfare providers, take a look at the advanced features they offer such as online check-in and extra legroom options. You’ll also be surprised by the increasing destinations they serve. So, if the rich can fly budget and save money, why can’t you?

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