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Secondary airport locations and onward travel planning

A secondary airport is an under-utilised airport that complements a primary airport or airport system in a metropolitan region. They’re sometimes nearby, but if you’re heading for a major city they often require a longer transfer to reach your final destination. They are used extensively by low cost airlines due to the lower landing fees, which can mean great savings for travellers! But there are some things you need to be careful of to ensure your trip goes smoothly.

Leipzig–Altenburg Airport (AOC) in Germany is a small regional airport actually located in Nobitz, 42 km south of Leipzig. The minimalist terminal building is all you need for low cost travel.

If the airport that you land at requires you to take a lengthy transfer to your destination, then it is essential that you have a detailed transfer plan in place. Unfortunately, too many people overlook this point, and this means that they end up paying a lot more than they expect or end up getting lost after landing, and this can really ruin a holiday. Here, we will explore how to make sure this does not become an issue.

Work out your door to door travel costs

There are two reasons why people choose to land at an airport that is quite a distance from their final stop. Either there is no better choice, or it is much less expensive to get a flight to an airport further away. Regardless of the reason, you need to make sure you work out the cost and time associated with your ground transfer once your flight has landed. In some cases, the transfer cost can cost more than the flights, and if your reason for choosing a destination is to save money you really need to consider this point thoroughly.

Watch out! Airports with misleading associations

Many airports associate themselves with major cities in order to attract more potential visitors to their airport. However, the reality is far from what the name suggests. With every airport, you need to explore its actual location and therefore the distance from the airport to your destination. You only need to look at London to understand this point. London Oxford is 97 Kilometres, Stanstead is 64 kilometres, and Luton is 51 kilometres from the centre of London. Make sure you keep this in mind when considering an airport.

If you are ever in doubt of ongoing travel or the distance of an airport from the actual destination it is advertising, you need to go onto the official airport website for onward travel advice. All of these links are available on Low Cost Airline Guide. On the airport websites, there is usually onward travel advice for those who need it. Furthermore, the most popular places are generally listed with directions on the website.

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