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Airline name: flybe

flybe ICAO code: BEE

flybe website: www.flybe.com

Despite the fact it's a regional airline, Flybe (which has headquarters at the Exeter International Airport in England) operates a surprising number of routes: close to 180 (as of 2011), through no less than 65 airports across Europe. Carrying an average of nearly seven million passengers each year, Flyby is indeed the largest regional air carrier in the old continent. Flybe has a fleet of over seventy planes with average age of just four years; most of these are Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 air crafts, additionally to a few Embraer E-195. Its services are mostly short haul flights within the UK and across the surrounding European countries, from Portugal and Spain to Germany, France, Ireland and a few others - for a total of nearly 50 destinations. Its origins go back to the year 1979, but it was by the turn of the century that Flybe repositioned its business as a low-cost airline that regardless offers a full service option (available through the Economy Plus ticket), as well as a buy on board service meant for the Economy passengers.

Major flybe hubs

flybe operates flights to and from a wide selection of airports across Europe. Of all of the airports that flybe serves, the following are some of the most popular:

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