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WOW air

Airline name: WOW air

WOW air ICAO code: WOW

WOW air website: wowair.com

This low cost European carrier definitely has the wow factor with its personal, fresh and funky approach to European air travel. With their two flagship vessels; WOW Force One and Two (Airbus A-320 models), WOW air has managed to create a unique flying experience with the best of Icelandic in-flight hospitality and cuisine combined with ample leg room, even for the taller traveller. The chic cabin crew offer a taste of something completely different, serving healthy Icelandic refreshments and offering a range of affordable items by promoting local Icelandic handcrafts and other interesting products.

WOW air also provide comprehensive hotel and car hire arrangements right from the online booking platform and promise to make your low cost European flight unforgettable.

WOW air flies from Iceland to a range of destinations across Europe and also specialise in organising group holidays as well as special expeditions to see the northern lights, hot springs and crystal white glaciers. Where ever you need to travel you will not be disappointed and are sure to enjoy the WOW factor each and every flight or tour.

Is WOW air considered a low cost airline?

Low Cost Airline Guide assesses airlines against a number of criteria to determine if their style of operation is in fitting with the popular expectations of a low cost carrier. Based on the findings below, we have have considered that they are a low cost airline when referred to on this website.

- Advertise themselves as a low cost airline. [Show source] Source: http://wowair.co.uk/the-wow-experience/our-story/, 17/08/2014 - Referred to by authoritive sites as a low cost airline. [Show source] Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WOW_air, http://wikitravel.org/en/Discount_airlines_in_Europe, 17/08/2014 - Charge for in flight catering services in at least 1 travel class. [Show source] Source: http://wowair.co.uk/travel-info/service-on-board/, 17/08/2014 - Do not offer connecting flights. [Show source] Source: http://wowair.co.uk/travel-info/faq/at-the-airport-and-checking-in/i-need-to-catch-a-connecting-flight-how-long-do-i-need-to-wait-at-the-airport/, 17/08/2014

Major WOW air hubs

WOW air operates flights to and from a wide selection of airports across Europe. Of all of the airports that WOW air serves, the following are some of the most popular:

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