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Vueling Airlines

Airline name: Vueling Airlines

Vueling Airlines ICAO code: VLG

Vueling Airlines website: www.vueling.com

A respectable medium-large size airline based next to Barcelona, with several other bases across Spain, Vueling is a fast growing air carrier by 2011, despite of the fact it was only founded in 2004. Quickly becoming one of the top Spanish air carriers (as expressed in the ambition of their slogan "flying today means Vueling"), this company has recently restructured its business to align with the low-cost market segment. At the time (2011), Vueling was operating a fleet of forty six Airbus airplanes (most of which are models A320-200, additionally to a single A319-100). It offered flights across fifty one destinations, mostly across Europe, as well as to Morocco (Africa) and Israel (Asia). Curiously, some of the Vueling aircrafts have been given rather peculiar, Vueling-themed names. Available options through the official Vueling website (linked to from this page) include on-line checking, additional services such as car rental and hotel reservations, and plentiful additional information including a regularly updated blog.

Major Vueling Airlines hubs

Vueling Airlines operates flights to and from a wide selection of airports across Europe. Of all of the airports that Vueling Airlines serves, the following are some of the most popular:

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