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Airline name: Volotea

Volotea ICAO code: VOE

Volotea website: volotea.com

Founded by the owners of the third-largest budget airline in Europe in terms of passenger volumes; Vueling Airlines, Volotea prides itself in providing low cost direct flights to many European destinations.

Being a new entrant to the low-cost flight sector has not stopped Volotea from offering remarkable discounted flight deals throughout Europe with more than 50 destinations provided at cut price, regular special promotions and amazing discount arrangements with car hire companies worldwide. Volotea also provides fast online check-in for speedy travel and less hanging around at airports.

The first Volotea flight left Marco Polo airport in Venice on April 5th 2012 and the low-cost operator boasts a fleet of Boeing 717 aircraft running Rolls Royce engines and offering a superior level of reliability and comfort. The Boeing 717 is a 125 seat vessel with just five seats in every row assuring comfort and efficiency.

Since their launch Volotea have managed to remain competitively priced and have developed a website with a uniquely different experience where the user can select a range of specific interests in terms of the type of place they would love to visit. Once these have been selected a range of destinations offering those interests are displayed along with a relevant overview of the town or city. This makes the experience fun and friendly in a very effective way.

Major Volotea hubs

Volotea operates flights to and from a wide selection of airports across Europe. Of all of the airports that Volotea serves, the following are some of the most popular:

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