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Airline name: Thomsonfly.com

Thomsonfly.com ICAO code: TOM

Thomsonfly.com website: thomsonfly.com

With headquarters in Luton, Thomson Airways is the largest charter airline in the entire world, as well as the third largest UK-based airline by number of passengers. Founded in 1962, it carried nearly 11 passengers in the year of 2011, and growing (especially since it had recently merged with two smaller airlines). At this time, the Thomson Airways fleet was comprised of nearly sixty planes, most of which were Boeing (models 737-800, 737-300, 757-200 and 767-300ER models), additionally to a few Airbus aircrafts (models A320-200 and A321-200). Average age for its aircrafts was just over 11 years, and it served approximately 100 destinations, most of which are handled by tour operators. Through the Thomson Airways website, customers have access to various options asides from booking tickets. Package holidays and late deals are often available, as well as special activity holidays (Thomson SKi, Lakes & Mountains, Sport and Adventure Travel, to name a few). For anyone looking for exciting and inexpensive holidays, Thomson Airways is often a good choice.

Major Thomsonfly.com hubs

Thomsonfly.com operates flights to and from a wide selection of airports across Europe. Of all of the airports that Thomsonfly.com serves, the following are some of the most popular:

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