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Thomas Cook Airlines

Airline name: Thomas Cook Airlines

Thomas Cook Airlines ICAO code: TCX

Thomas Cook Airlines website: thomascookairlines.com

With nine bases throughout the UK, Thomas Cook is a well-known British Airline that specializes in charter flights within the tourist sector. Even though it was founded in 2008, in just 3 years it has closely approached the 9 million passengers per year, a substantial part of which are carried during the summer. Fly Thomas Cook is a subsidiary of Thomas Cook which specializes in low cost holiday destinations; as of 2011 it was serving a total of eighty destinations across the world, to places as diverse as Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey, the Canary Islands and several other popular holiday destinations. At this time, its fleet was comprised of over forty Boeing airplanes. This airline offers a good range of in-flight services, which can be booked through its website along with the tickets. Some examples include the inexpensive on-board meals and diverse in-flight magazines, as well as travel money, travel insurance option, and assistance with finding a low cost car hire service and hotel at the target destination. Flythomascook published prices include compulsory taxes and fees so you don't need to worrry about additional costs being added at the end of the booking process.

Major Thomas Cook Airlines hubs

Thomas Cook Airlines operates flights to and from a wide selection of airports across Europe. Of all of the airports that Thomas Cook Airlines serves, the following are some of the most popular:

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