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MyTravel Lite

Airline name: MyTravel Lite

MyTravel Lite ICAO code: LIZ

MyTravel Lite website: www.mytravellite.com

Mytravel Airways Has Closed

The Manchester-based Mytravel Airline began its life as Airtours International Airways (AIrtours Group) in 1990 and then grew to see no less than 7.52 million passengers a year by 2002 and an enviable fleet of 50 aircraft by 2005. In May 2002 the Airtours Group rebranded as Mytravel Airways which swiftly launched MytravelLite as a specialist low-cost airline although they were shortly reintegrated the following year. Offering a range of low-cost and full service flight options to a range of European and international destinations, Mytravel Airline dealt with scheduled and charter flights for tour operators, most notably for Thomas Cook.

The reputable Mytravel Airlines eventually became completely integrated into Thomas Cook Airlines in 2008 after their last flight on the 30th March 2008. This absorption by Thomas Cook has led to more flight options for passengers and has also opened the gate for more low-cost airlines to step to the forefront and be noticed. For an easy way to find a wide selection of low-cost European flights just use the flight route finder by the Low Cost Airline Guide located at www.low-cost-airline-guide.com.

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