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Airline name: Jet2.com

Jet2.com ICAO code: EXS

Jet2.com website: www.jet2.com

With main base at Leeds Bradford Airport, Jet2.com is an increasingly popular British low-cost air carrier. Established in 2002, it managed to surpass the 3 million passengers/year mark within a decade of starting operations. At this time, it had become a respectable medium-size airline with close to two thousand workers. The Jet2.com fleet was at this time comprised of forty Boeing airplanes (encompassing different models, such as the 737-300, 737-800, 373-200 and a few others). With these aircrafts, it attends to no less than fifty four destinations across Asia (Tel Aviv), North America (New York) and especially Europe, where it has routes to many popular destinations - and you can see by reading further down this page. Jet2.com offers very competitively priced low-cost flights, which can be booked from the official website. Some of its notable features include group bookings, travel insurance, gift vouchers, airport car parking and some interesting flight extras such as extra legroom between chairs, and available in-flight meals at low cost (especially when booked in advance).

Major Jet2.com hubs

Jet2.com operates flights to and from a wide selection of airports across Europe. Of all of the airports that Jet2.com serves, the following are some of the most popular:

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