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Airline name: Corendon

Corendon ICAO code: CAI

Corendon website: www.corendon.com

With headquarters in Antalya (Turkey), Corendon Airlines is actually comprised of a group of tour operators that joined efforts in 2004. Ever since its inception, it has exhibited an impressive consistent growth, and by 2011 it was serving over 1 million passengers per year. At the time, its operations consistent of a mix of scheduled flights, charters and wet leases encompassing over fifty countries and 150 cities. Corendon had by this time a fleet size of eight Boeing airplanes (models 737-300, 737-400 and 737-800). Its usual destinations include all the main touristic hubs across the world: Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and several other countries, including popular eastern holiday highlights such as Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia. Standard baggage allowance is 20kg in flights to most countries (a little extra in specific destinations such as Istanbul, where 25kg are allowed), plus 5kg hand baggage. Tickets can be rebooked (although it implies extra charges), and name changes can be requested up to three hours before the departure of each flight.

Major Corendon hubs

Corendon operates flights to and from a wide selection of airports across Europe. Of all of the airports that Corendon serves, the following are some of the most popular:

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