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Cimber Sterling

Airline name: Cimber Sterling

Cimber Sterling ICAO code: CIM

Cimber Sterling website: www.cimber.dk

Goodbye Cimber-Sterling – it was Nice Knowing You

The Danish airline, Cimber-Sterling, began operations in 1949 as Cimber Air, but after taking over Sterling Airlines in 2008, rebranded as Cimber-Sterling to reflect the move. With an impressive fleet of 26 aircraft ranging from Boeing (737-700), Bombardier (CRJ-200) and ATR (42-500 and 72-200) models, Cimber-Sterling offered flights to 53 destinations by the year 2011. With employee numbers approaching 400 the medium sized airline specialised in the main European destinations as well as a number of key Asian countries such as Turkey and Israel. Although Cimber-Sterling never advertised as a low-cost airline, their flights were known for being on the competitive side.

Unfortunately the year 2011 spelt financial hardship for Cimber-Sterling which led them to turn to Ukrainian billionaire, Ihor Kolomoyskyi, for a subscription agreement giving Ihor a 70.8% stake in the business. Regrettably, this agreement did not achieve what had been hoped for and the 3rd May 2012 saw the ailing airline cancel all flights and file bankruptcy. Most of the affected routes were rapidly taken over by other airlines and you can source a range of low-cost European flights using the route search tool by the Low Cost Airline Guide at www.low-cost-airline-guide.com.

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